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This style of drum is currently the most popular African instrument being played throughout the world. According to Abdoulaye Diakite, the original name of the drum is “jebe barra”. Barra meaning drum and jebe meaning unity. The fundamental purpose of the djembe is to unite. In Africa when this drum is played, people come from all around to circle in celebration.

The djembe originates from the Bambara and Malinke tribes of the former Mali empire. Many other ethnic groups of West Africa adopted the djembe as part of their traditional music. The djembe can now be found throughout the world in countless drum circles and African style dance classes.

The djembes we have for sale have been selected with great care and consideration for tradition as are the goat skins used to head them up. These African djembes are carved by true master carvers who understand the tradition of the djembe and who seek to continue its authenticity. A professionally crafted African Djembe has no comparison.

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“The artistry of the West African Dance may elude many of her young students,
but they capture its vibrant, celebratory essence.”
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