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We have professionally made imported West African instruments and locally made African-style drums.

The Shell of the drum

Our local drum maker imports top quality West African djembe and dundun shells and mounts the skins in his workshop using the highest quality rope.

The Rope of the drum

The rope used is specifically designed for use on drums put under high tension. Unlike mountain climbing accessory rope which is designed to stretch, this rope is made with a static core which is made to stay put even under great pressure. Hence, these drums will hold a tune for a considerable amount of time.

Types of drums we carry

Buy Djembe drum


This style of drum is currently the most popular African instrument being played throughout the world. According to Abdoulaye Diakite, the original name of the drum is “jebe barra”. Barra meaning drum and jebe meaning unity. The fundamental purpose of the djembe is to unite. In Africa when this drum is played, people come from all around to circle in celebration.

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Buy Dudun drum


This is a two-sided cow skin drum played with sticks and often a bell. The dundun is an ancient West African instrument much older than the djembe. Altough not as popular as the djembe , it is certainly fundamental to the culture and the music.

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Buy Ashiko Drum


The typical ashiko is a western adaptation of a Congolese drum. It is quite popular with beginning drummers as it is relatively less expensive than most djembes and because it is adaptable to many drumming styles and traditions.

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An experienced drummaker

Derrick Adams drum storeDerrick Adams is 10 years along in the West African tradition of drum and dance. Specializing in the djembe, Derrick spent four years playing accompaniment for Abdoulaye Diakite of Senegal . With Abdoulaye’s guidance, Derrick learned the skills necessary to guide the dancers through intricate steps. This is the job of the lead djembe player. He utilised this talent as lead drummer of War Foli and Nyokabok Dance and Drum Ensembles. Derrick has twice travelled to Africa to further his studies and establish his own drum making and import business.

Derrick got his start in Santa Cruz , CA , a world-renowned drum mecca of sorts, where he opened his first drum making and repair business. Derrick has also spent time in West Africa watching drum carvers and drum skinners at work. This combined knowledge and experience has given him the expertise to produce professionally made drums of many styles.

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“The artistry of the West African Dance may elude many of her young students,
but they capture its vibrant, celebratory essence.”
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