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This is a two-sided cow skin drum played with sticks and often a bell. The dundun is an ancient West African instrument much older than the djembe. Altough not as popular as the djembe , it is certainly fundamental to the culture and the music. The beat of the dunduns defines a particular rhythm, and the bell is actually the key to all rhythms within this tradition. Seeing a djembe player unaccompanied by a dundun is very rare in West Africa . It is the rhythm of the dunduns that the dancers move to. The melodies of the dunduns are very specific, as are the dances of West Africa . Hence, the dancers would be lost without the beat of these drums.

The family of dunduns has five different sizes with two or three comprising the modern ensembles. These days West African rhythms are played on the: Kenkeni(small), the sangban(medium) and the dundunba(large). These three sizes are offered for sale.

Dunduns- West African Imported


Sangban (medium)-$275-$325

Kenkeni (small)-$200-$250

Dunduns- Domestic-made




Prices may vary due to type of wood
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