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The mission of Malicounda is to strengthen communication, personal and community integrity, team spirit and collaboration in the professional world.

Unique drumming workshops and creative interactive performances stimulate the development of leadership qualities and creative energy in participants. Louise Raymond’s personalized approach and the unique, vibrant and engaging options of Malicounda stand out in their originality.



Since 1998, I have traveled widely in Canada and USA inspiring companies and schools to build community through rhythm. As Artistic Director of Malicounda, I work with people from all walks of life. Whether it’s with companies, schools or community groups, Malicounda helps to strengthen connection and collaboration, confidence and a sense of community in administrators, employees and students alike. I have been awarded several grants across Canada. I am an inspired and highly motivated facilitator with a vast resume of drum circle workshops and presentations spanning over 25 years. I am available to work in English, French and Spanish.



Chris Isaac Larnder first absorbed the many rhythmic cultures of worldbeat music from the early days of the legendary Parc Jeanne- Mance drumming circles of 30 years ago, and from countless forest gatherings of the Quebec Rainbow family. He initially studied classical piano through the Royal Conservatory examination system, and still accompanies solo violin and string ensembles in concert repertoire ranging from Bach to Rachmaninov. He has also sung in choirs in Montreal and in Berlin. His keyboard work expanded early on to jazz and funk improvisation, and he now has accumulated extensive experience in latin and afro-cuban music, having played in a latin jazz band and even an afro-peruvian ensemble, working with musicians from Peru, Columbia, Mexico and Cuba. He has performed with Malicounda for the past 2 years.


Alex Flores Growing up in downtown Montreal, Alex has been playing drums since he was 14, when his Grandfather, also a drummer, retired as a musician and allowed Alex to start hitting his drum kit. From early on, his musical interests were quite varied, playing everything from punk, heavy metal, to funk, latin and jazz. Some of the styles of music Alex spent most of his time with were ska and reggae, for which he played in two bands that would frequent the many small venues around Montreal and Québec. Director of a Vegetable farm by day, and percussionist in his free time, his passion for all things rhythmic is strong and always growing. He is familiar with a full drum kit, congas, and the African Djembe.


Frédéric Thériault acquired his first djembe from a Senegalese merchant in an african art exhbition in his home town of Québec City. He taught himself rythm as he lugged his heavy drum around in parks, drumming circles, the Montreal Tam Tams, and countless demonstrations. Frederic has always been inspired by the simple, primal and haunting rythms that take possession of one’s body and make them dance. For him, any object can become a percussion instrument. Frederic also plays guitar, harmonica and sings, more often than not as a solo act.

« It was perhaps the most memorable guest concert last year. The perforormance was very interactive. Louise successfully engaged the children (all 280 of them) in a few dances. » Smither’s elementary school, British Columbia, Anne Marie Findlay.

“The artistry of the West African Dance may elude many of her young students,
but they capture its vibrant, celebratory essence.”
Dublin News

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We are available for drumming worshops and shows all over British Columbia, North Territories, Alberta and Manitoba