A drumming ensemble is a unique, invigorating experience!

Malicounda offers team building & corporate entertainment via drumming workshops. Accessible to all.

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No matter what sound we make, we can all get on the same wavelength! Team work equals success.

Great experience! Helps develop team building skills in unexpected, yet very efficient ways! Thank you!

A review of evaluation of participants in the congress scale teachers in the province conducted recently revealed that your workshops had receive the highest ratings in 2013.

Fabulous, thank so much. The group cohesion brought through the rhythm was so phenomenal. Melissa Dair, Montreal, Quebec

It’s such a pleasure working with a talented team like Malicounda who love what they do. Thanks for being part of Greater Montreal Day for three years running!

Thank you for providing such a wonderful, engaging, and fun-filled workshop! you are such an inspiring and uplifting presenter. We appreciated the time and effort you gave us. With thanks, Nathasa McDonald, Coordinator September, 2022

This was such a fun and interactive experience for adults. I enjoyed that it was not intimidating and everyone felt comfortable participating. We learned so much about the different instruments and rhythms. Louis is an awesome facilitator.

Thank you for bringing the world to us. Debbie Lojstrugi. September 2023

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