Our workshops are available in English, French or Spanish

We are available for drumming workshops and Assembly all accross Canada and USA.

What could be more universal than music to inspire and lead a student activity?

Students in high school are preparing to enter the adult world. Our secondary workshops provide a greater focus on team-building and communication skills as well as leadership training for all student participants. Students will develop connections, empathy and a sense of purpose and inner strength.

A multicultural approach is also part of Malicoundal’s goal in letting the students discover and experience West African cultures through rhythm, movement, theater, and drumming. Students will have an opportunity to express themselves using these beautiful and engaging ancient art forms while being exposed to other cultures. Experiencing the wisdom and power of traditional drum and dance cultures will help them understand the differences and similarities that we all have as people.

This interactive workshop is built on a foundation of traditional rhythms, improvisation, traditional dance and games activities.

Drum circle allow students to recognize new potential through discovering their own natural talent that is inherent in everybody.

Through creating and performing their own rhythms, and responding to drumming, middle and high school students can continue to develop skills and knowledge that enhance the important development of self-image and social relationships. Cooperation and collaboration are emphasized with this age group, fostering positive interactions with others and enhanced self-esteem.

The workshop ends with improvised activities that stimulate creativity: an established rhythm is the lead wire for the students to express themselves through movement and experience this beautiful and ancient art form.

Fun and enjoyment guaranteed!

Read our Study Guide to know more about the activities and the performance.