Drum Circle Workshops, Parades, and Community-based Performances are designed for everyone!

Our workshops can be presented in English, French, or Spanish. We are available for Festivals and shows throughout Canada, the USA, and the world!

Would you like to have a dynamic and engaging interactive experience for your Festival or Community-based event?

For all ages, Malicounda creates a powerful experience for participants at your Festival. Volunteers are chosen and given a 60-minute workshop to create the performance. The volunteers perform on stage with Malicounda! It is accessible to all and no musical skills are required.

Our engaging program features rhythm games, movement, and percussion activities, providing a fun-filled experience for participants.

Malicounda’s goal is to present the power and beauty of making music together and to provide a multicultural experience with musical instruments from around the world.

Performances can also be accompanied by a Drum CircleDrum Workshop, parade, or Dance Workshop.

Malicounda will bring a nice touch and an outstanding rhythmic event to your festival!


About Malicounda

For over 30 years, Malicounda has touched the lives of thousands of people – children, teenagers, adults, and seniors – through rhythm. Our goal is to help people experience the power of rhythm and the joy of making music together as a community.  In just a few minutes, percussion will deeply influence the soul, generating positive changes and happiness!

Join us for a unique and dynamic experience!

Description of the Performance

Some aspects of the performance are interactive; we will invite teachers and students to join us.

  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Body percussion
  • Interactive clapping to help the audience learn the rhythm

Musical instruments from several countries will be introduced:

  • Claves: Cuba
  • Darbuka: Egypt
  • Boomwhackers: USA
  • Cajon: Peru
  • Seedpod: Vietnam
  • Shaker eggs: USA
  • Talking drum: Ghana
  • Kalimba: Ghana
  • Djembe, Dunduns: Guinea
  • Balafon: Guinea

Technical requirement for the Assembly Program

  • Set up time: 45 minutes
  • Floor measuring: 25 ft by 25 ft.
  • Number of performers: Two artists on stage and 30 volunteers