Drumming Workshops & Performances for All Events

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During the performance, we will lead people through some simple dance movements, inspiring the audience to participate.

Our mission

Malicounda Dance Company performs music and dance with volunteers and offers unique workshops that will stimulate creativity, ingenuity, and collaboration.

Participating in an interactive group performance using drums and other percussion instruments from around the world will allow all voices to be heard.

Our goal is to introduce the beauty of this art form by sharing it with children, teachers, and the community, providing a multicultural experience and opening their minds to the world. We hope to inspire the creative nature of children and adults alike.

Performances can also be accompanied by a Drum Circle , Drum Workshops or Dance Workshops.

About Malicounda Dance Company
Malicounda Dance Company performs music and dance primarily in Canada and the United States. Our program will help build an awareness of a different cultural context. This will help in recognizing the similarities that we all have as people and respecting the differences from which we can all learn.

For thousands of years, drumming and music were part of everyday life. Our goal is to let the people discover another culture through movement, drumming, and language!

About the performance
One of the goals of Malicounda is to bring people together by making music together as a group. The technique used is accessible to everybody and taught in several countries around the world. Volunteers will be encouraged to create their own music.

Fun and pleasure are guaranteed! Drumming is an expression of a physical, psychological, and spiritual state of being that enables people to give meaning and context to their greatest joys and hopes. This musical expression contributes to a sense of wholeness.

Drumming Workshop & Performances with Louise RaymondDescription of the performance

The performance will be with live drumming. Some aspects of the performance are interactive; we will invite people to join us.

    • Time : 1 hour
    • 45 min. workshop for 30 volunteers
    • Interactive clapping for the audience to help learn rhythm.
    • Body percussion

Musical instruments will be introduced and include:

  • Claves: Cuba
  • Darbuka: Egype
  • Boomwhackers
  • Shaker eegs
  • Talking drum from Ghana
  • Kalimba:  a wood soundboard and metal keys, played inside a gourd (Dizzee) for sound resonation.
  • Djembe, Dunduns,
  • Balaphone