These workshops are available in English, French or Spanish

We are available for drumming worshops and shows all over  Canada and USA.

Every child can sing. Every child can dance. Every child deserves the opportunity to experience rhythm and make music. As children experience the joys of music, they also develop their basic capacities for self-confidence and self-expression.

Movement is vital to a young child’s development. Movement is fun! Participants will enhance their own rhythmic and vocal skills while learning a repertoire of songs, rhythms, games, movements, stories, and imaginative play activities. Our approach is designed to experience others culture through dance, drumming, and stories.

With the use of body movement, children explore the elements of dance and rhythm: body/shape, space, force/energy, rhythm/ pattern, and stories. The goal for each workshop is to nurture creativity by listening to children’s ideas; giving them an opportunity to choose, and providing a rich musical environment in which they may explore and learn. This workshop lasts for 45 minutes.