Production of percussion shows and workshops

Experience The Transformative Power Of Rhythms


Team Building Drum Workshops

By working in rhythm or concert, the company will develop a more unified functioning system.

Drum workshops for Teachers

These workshops are designed for elementary and secondary teachers, music teachers, community services, childcare providers, preschool, parents and community health professionals.

Pre-Schooler Drum & Creative Dance Workshops

Every child can sing. Every child needs the chance to dance and make music. (3-5 year olds)

Elementary School Drumming Workshops

Let the children discover and experience West African culture through dancing, drumming, singing and the French language! (Kindergarten-Grade 6)

Drum Workshops for Secondary, College & University Students

Through creating, performing and responding to drum, middle and high school students will continue to develop skills and knowledge that enhance the important development of self-image and social relationships. Grade 7-12.

Festivals & Drumming Workshops

Malicounda offers workshops for all ages and all levels of experience before or after performances at festivals.

What people who have worked with us have to say

Fabulous, thank so much. The group cohesion brought through the rhythms was so phenomenal.

I was thoroughly impressed and pleased by the workshop. I think that it brought people out of their comfort zone and encouraged them to experience themselves and each other in a very different way than what they are used to.