Malicounda Team Building Drumming Workshops

Malicounda’s mission is to strengthen communication, personal integrity, team spirit, and collaboration in the world through our interactive drum circle workshop tailored for all types of audiences.

The Malicounda goal is to make people appreciate the richness of cultural diversity and to also feel good about who they are in this world.

Louise Raymond’s personalized approach and the unique, vibrant, and engaging options of Malicounda stand out in their originality.


About The Artistic Director: Louise Raymond

Malicounda’s founder, Louise Raymond, was fortunate to study with master drummers and dancers from around the world. Louise is extremely grateful and appreciative that she has been able to experience the beauty of dance and the power of rhythm through these generous artists.  These studies have greatly expanded Louise’s world view and life vision. For 30 years, with all her love, Louise has shared her passion and respect for this vital culture, touching the lives of several thousands of people– children, youth, adults, and elders- through rhythm.

The Company was awarded several grants from Arts Start in Vancouver, Foundation for the Arts in Alberta and Culture in Schools in Québec. Louise is an inspiring presenter and a motivating facilitator. Malicounda’s workshops can be conducted in English, French and Spanish.

Meet the Team

Meet our expert musicians in team-building drumming workshops, ready to do whatever it takes to make your business grow.



Team Building Percussions

Derrick Adams starting playing and making African style rhythms and drums in Santa Cruz, California in 1995. He has studied drum and dance with many West African master teachers since then. Including two study trips to Senegal. Mali, Guinea, Gambia and Burkina Faso West Africa. He has played in many percussion groups over the years. And is currently the djembe player for In the Sticks drum dance collective. Derrick started making drums with Drumskull Drums in Santa Cruz and has been making them on his own ever since.