Our workshops are available in English, French or Spanish

We are available for drumming worshops and shows all over British Columbia, North Territories, Alberta and Manitoba

Children in grades K-6 love to move and learn through engagement of the whole self. Our elementary workshops are focused on fun and games, exploring their own self-expression as well as learning to appreciate other cultures and ways of being.

Our goal is to let the children discover and experience drumming, singing and language! Children will have an opportunity to express themselves using these beautiful and engaging ancient art forms.

Every flourishing civilization provides for its children artistic expression and the ability to understand its meaning. During our drum workshops, the children will feel the strength and beauty that exists within each of them through engaging with the power of drum.

Assembly Program For Schools

Technical requirement for Assembly Program:

Set up time: 30 minutes

Wood floor measuring: 25 ft by 25 ft.

P.A. system

Number of performers: 1 artist on stage and 30 volunteers

The following information is intended to help you prepare for our visit. It includes a description of the program and some of the instruments we will use.

About Malicounda Dance Company
Malicounda Dance Company performs music and dance primarily in Canada and the United States. Our program will help build an awareness of a different cultural context. This will help in recognizing the similarities that we all have as people and respecting the differences from which we can all learn.

About the performance

Description of the performance

The performance will be with live drumming. Some aspects of the performance are interactive; we will invite people to join us.

  • Time : 1 hour
  • Songs with interactive clapping with audience to help learn rhythm.
  • Dances:

Musical instruments will be introduced from severals countries around the world.