Production of percussion shows and workshops


Experience the
Transformative Power
of Rhythm.


Offered in French, English and Spanish

We are available for drumming workshops and performances throughout Canada, USA and in the world!

Drum Circle Workshop

Children in grades K-8 love to move and learn through the engagement of the whole self. Malicounda workshops are focused on fun and games, exploring their own self-expression as well as learning to appreciate other cultures and ways of being.

Malicounda’s goal is to provide a multicultural experience with musical instruments from around the world. By sharing with children, teachers, and the community, we open minds to the world. We hope to inspire the creative nature of children and adults alike.

During our drum workshops, the children will feel the strength and beauty that exists within each of them through engaging with the power of the drum.

Every flourishing civilization provides opportunities for its children’s artistic expression. 

Fun and enjoyment are guaranteed!

Our workshops are available in English, French or Spanish

Assembly Program

Would you like to have a dynamic and engaging interactive experience for your children?

Malicounda can create a community-based performance for all kinds of events, for schools and festivals. Children volunteers are chosen and given a 60-minute workshop to create the performance. The volunteers perform on stage with Malicounda! It is accessible to all and no musical skills are required.

Our engaging program features rhythm games, songs in four languages, movement, and percussion activities, providing a fun-filled experience for participants. The technique used is accessible to everybody. Volunteers will be encouraged to create their own music.

Performances can also be accompanied by a Drum CircleDrum Workshops, parade, or Dance Workshops.

Malicounda will bring an engaging rhythmic event to your Assembly, Festival, or Special Event.

Description of the presentation

Some aspects of the performance are interactive; we will invite teachers and children to join us.

  • Time: 60 minutes 
  • Songs
  • Body percussion
  • Interactive clapping 
  • Dances

Musical instruments from several countries will be introduced:

  • Claves: Cuba
  • Darbuka: Egypt
  • Boomwhackers: USA
  • Cajon: Peru
  • Seedpod: Vietnam
  • Shaker eggs: USA
  • Talking drum: Ghana
  • Kalimba: Ghana
  • Djembe, Dunduns: Guinea
  • Balafon: Guinea

Technical requirement for the Assembly Program

  • Set up time: 45 minutes
  • Wood floor measuring: 25 ft by 25 ft.
  • Number of performers: Two artists on stage and 30 volunteers

About Malicounda

For over 30 years, Malicounda has touched the lives of thousands of people – children, teenagers, adults, and seniors – through rhythm. Our goal is to help people experience the power of rhythm and the joy of making music together as a community.  In just a few minutes, percussion will deeply influence the soul, generating positive changes and happiness!


Her skill and knowledge of African dance produce exceptional dance students. The first through fourth graders have performed with Louise at different schools around the area. The have won competition contests mainly because of her talents.

We want to thank you for your passion & enthusiasm that you have brought to our school. You have ignited so many hearts! Merci

Katrina Abell, Vice Principal and Melissa Ryan, School Principal!

I really enjoyed your approach to improvisation where the students would layer in there rhythms one after another – so great to teach listening!

Very engaging and progressive!

This drumming circle was just wonderful! Drumming is an underappreciated form of creativity, self-expression, and destressing. Everyone should have a drum. Alisli, Student

I liked that the drums are so accessible to all ages. There is so much potential for fun and inclusion for all students. Thank you for allowing this to be “hands on”. Fantastic!