“I was thoroughly impressed and pleased by the workshop. I think that it brought people out of their comfort zone and encouraged them to experience themselves and each other in a very different way than what they are used to. I would recommend it again.”

“Great experience! Helps develop team building skills in unexpected, yet very efficient ways!
Thank you!”

“A review of evaluation of participants in the congress scale teachers in the province conducted recently revealed that your workshops had receive the highest ratings in 2013.“

“This drumming circle was just wonderful! Drumming is an underappreciated form of creativity, self-expression and distressing. Everyone should have a drum!” Alex from Bishop University, Quebec

“Her skill and knowledge of rhythm and dance produce exceptional dance students. The first through fourth graders have performed with Louise at different schools around the area. The have won competition contests mainly because of her talents.”

“My name is Nick and I am special education teacher who works with children in grade 3 and who are on the autism spectrum.  Louise ran a one-hour session for three of our special need’s classes (18 students, 9 staff).  It was amazing!  The session was well structured with a variety of activities and we were able to use quality instruments.  The session brought everyone out of their shell- adults included!  Our students’ personalities all came out as they are given the space to explore and express themselves as they please.  Teaching creativity is difficult, but I can safely say that our session brought about much creativity.  It was a very meaningful experience and afterwards, all of our students were more productive, calmer and seemed happier throughout the day!

The 20-minute improvisation portion of the session is something I will remember for a long time!  The smiles, movements, voices, rhythms, laughter, focus and positive energy was something truly beautiful.  We were connected through rhythm on a level that can only be achieved through art (creative expression).  It inspired us all, even those who have no musical training.  I think letting loose like that is so important for us as human beings as it teaches us just that, how to be.  I have been inspired to bring in more music/movement activities into my class.  I really appreciate the experience that Louise facilitated for us.”