Production of percussion shows and workshops


Experience the
Transformative Power
of Rhythm.


When you are part of a drum circle, you are part of something bigger than yourself!

Malicounda offers team building sessions and corporate events that are fun and invigorating. These activities foster creativity and have a positive influence on the motivation and team spirit of employees.  No musical experience is required.

Malicounda aims to bring out the best in a team so that its members can collaborate creatively and solve problems effectively. By working together in a totally different context, drums circles promote self-development, positive communication and leadership skills.

With a little attention, we realize very quickly that rhythm is all around us. Working with rhythm in concert with others improves productivity, focus, outcome and joy. The essence of teamwork is unity…

These sessions are a perfect fit for an office party or dinner and can last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes, according to your needs. In addition, they can be accompanied by a percussion performance provided by professional artists.


The success of a drum circle is based on listening to different rhythms parts issued by others. The absence of this listening causes the failure of the rhythm. To achieve its communication objectives, listening is the key to success. Among other benefits, the participants will have the opportunity to de-stress while stimulating their imagination.


Experience the transformative power of rhythm
during your next holiday office party!

In order to inject a little excitement into your office party, a rhythm ensemble is an invigorating and unique experience accessible to all.

The Malicounda team can facilitate a deeper connection and a sense of playfulness among employees. A great way to start a new year, build consensus around shared goals or celebrate accomplishments.

During the sessions, Malicounda encourages and inspires each participant to make their own contribution to the simple rhythm activities using drums and other rhythmic instruments from around the world or by simply using his or her own body.

The session can be conducted as part of a conference or social event, or at the beginning of a meeting or professional development session. It can be customized as a 30-60 minute, half-day or full-day session. We have many options from which you can choose or we can tailor a program to perfectly meet your needs. Enjoyment guaranteed.


  • Focus & Communication Skills

    The success of the drum circle relies on the communication skills inherent in rhythm.
    We must be attentive in order to maintain rhythm. Listening is the key to success.

  • Release Stress

    Playing with friends is a physical activity that stimulates the body’s energy system and helps stimulate the flow of endorphins to the brain. This process helps to oxygenate our body and to facilitate our respiratory process and, by the same token, to soothe us.

  • Creativity

    Drumming helps to overcome inhibitions and fear of the unknown. Drumming allows people to recognize possibilities and discover the natural talent inherent in everybody. The rhythms of Africa allow much room for creative self-expression.

  • Multiculturalism

    The beat of the drum is an universal language. It can be used to overcome barriers and connect people through a common vision. Experiencing another culture can create connections and help to realize and share the depth of our own culture.

  • Enjoyment

    Beating the drum is fun, exciting and freeing. It is accessible to all. It is a special gift that you can share with everybody. A drum circle is a unique experience.

  • Healing

    The rhythm of the drum helps to activate the natural rhythm of the body. The beat of the drum simulates our natural heart beat. Connecting the two will bring harmony into our life and body, the foundation of healing.

What people who have worked with us have to say

I was thoroughly impressed and pleased by the workshop. I think that it brought people out of their comfort zone and encouraged them to experience themselves and each other in a very different way than what they are used to.